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03 August 2020

Eye Cate

As season started of Conjunctivitis ++ Some Useful tips:

  • If u have symptoms like Redness, Watering, Discharge, Irritation U may have Conjunctivitis.
  • Use Plain Good Antibiotic Eye Drop like Moxifloxacin or Gatifloxacin & Artificial Tears along with it.
  • Wait for 7-10 Days. Do not use Steroid Eye Drop.
  • U can Use Systemic Anti inflammatory (Tablet ) if U have Edema of Eye Lids.
  • Use Antiseptic Hand-rub Solution Repeatedly for All Family Members.
  • Do not Share Ur Napkin, Avoid Hand Shake Etc to Prevent Spread.
  • If more than One Family Member is Affected Than Use Separate Eye Drop For Each Person. Never Share Same Bottle.
  • If U Have Vision Problem Than Consult Eye Specialist Soon.

Take Care.