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Cataract Surgery

What is Cataract?

Clouding of normally clear Lens of the Eye.
Most Cataracts develop slowly over the course of years.


Main symptom is blurry vision

blurry vision  


When a cataract interferes with someone's usual activities, the cloudy lens is replaced with a clear artificial Lens i.e. IOL

What We Provide

  1. Latest Modulae Operation Theater with Latest equipments.
  2. IOL Master : Most advance technology for Lens measurement.
  3. IOL : Monofocal, Toric, Extended vision, Multifocal
  4. Pain and dressing free operation without injection and bandage.
  5. Microincision phaco emulcification cataract surgery.
  6. Fastest and Safest surgery.
  7. Fastest Recovery.

Frequently asked questions

How do cataracts develop?

Age is the main Factor. Others are diabetes , medications such as steroids, injury to the eyes , in some cases congenital also.

How is cataract diagnosed?

Cataract can be diagnosed through a comprehensive eye exam, including dilated eye exam and visual acuity test.

Can I get a cataract surgery done during summers?

Yes. You can undergo a cataract surgery during summers. In fact, you can undergo a cataract surgery during any time of the year. Cataract surgery not being feasible during summers is just a myth.

Is there any other way to treatment cataract other than surgery?

NO. Surgery is the only treatment for visually significant cataract.